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Sean Hall (commenting on the 18U Clutch Domeball Blue team post on our team FB  page regarding the 2022 Turkey Trot):  Might have finished 2nd but this group of players and coaches is FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY! Great players that play the game the right way and some fantastic coaches!

Monica Heltemes:  Well organized program that invests in and cares about each and every player. We drive pretty far to get to this program, because being a part of the Clutch family is worth it - teaching our daughter the skills, but also teamwork, respect, hard work, and sportsmanship. We also appreciate it being a good fit for multi-sport athletes.

Heide Munn:  I love the comradery and that there is no drama. It's all about teaching the girls softball, team work and respect! Also good work ethics!

Mike Burlingame:  Great place to play softball. They care about the players not the money. Love this place!!!!

Franco Romero:  Love Clutch. Great coaching. My daughter is now playing 18u and going to Bethel University to play ball. Clutch is the main reason she still loves playing and why she is playing college ball next year!

Felicia Conner:  This community of people are amazing. The players, the coaches, and the parents. I would highly recommend them.

Laura Jensen Drentlaw:  No player favoritism, no parent drama, just all about teaching girls about the sport and what good sportsmanship looks like. Great years spent with these coaches - wish we would have joined earlier!

So after 6yrs of club softball, Kiah Munn career came to a end last night. We are so thankful for all the friends we have made over the years. We have spent our falls traveling around playing tournaments, our winters going from dome to dome. And our summers traveling around making memories that will last a lifetime. Kiah has had the privilege to play for some great coaches. Many thanks to Clutch Hitters for an awesome 4yrs of softball. Special thanks to Rob Giesen, John Barta, Rich Hanson Ken Graf Jim Hanson for the opportunity for kiah to play with Clutch. This has been so much fun from team dinners, the girls get togethers from campfire nights, team sleepovers, and our hotel cookouts. We will truly miss this every year, but we will always stay connected with our clutch family’s and will still catch some games.

Forever CLUTCH.

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Jul 5 Replying to @AaronLange21 and @ClassicPeppers

You guys have a good team and top notch coaches! It was fun to play you guys yesterday. SE Flyers are cheering for you to do well in Gold!

Former Clutch Hitters Player

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Renee Lange

What a season. :) 

We are so thankful that we got the chance to be a part of this amazing group of girls, coaches and parents! It was so fun to watch these girls play ball. They never quit and consistently gave their all even when the score wasn't in their favor. SO fun to watch....way to go Clutch!!

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